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The only people platform proven to deliver the insights and engagement needed to boost revenue, retention, workforce transformation, and the delivery of care.

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CoachUp Care increases retention, surfacing flight risk employees before they quit


CoachUp Care motivates teams and drives referrals, increasing eNPS

Increase Recruitment

CoachUp Care reduces reliance on ineffective and expensive recruitment strategies

Increase Employee

CoachUp Care brings your team together, enhancing the often scheduler-only relationship


CoachUp Care surfaces employees with unknown capacity, driving billable hours

The MissionCare Collective Workforce Management Way

Develop Engagement & Culture

Foster a motivated, dedicated team aligned with the company's values to address turnover before it happens.

Enhance Capacity & Effectiveness.

Optimize shift productivity and increase revenue with a smaller, more committed workforce, reducing hiring expenses and dependency

Focused Recruitment

Selectively hire superior, long-term employees that are more likely to be retained.

Enterprise Built & Proven, yet a favorite among Small Businesses

Easy communication for distributed teams

Virtual Community
  • Video & Status Updates
  • Polls
  • Announcements
  • Comment Threads
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Rewards & Recognition
  • Manual & Auto Recognition
  • Team Leaderboards
  • Gift Card & Custom Rewards
  • eGreeting Cards
Surveys & Feedback
  • Pulse Surveys
  • eNPS Measurement
  • Capacity Enablement
  • Glassdoor Reviews
Employee Referrals
  • Drive career site traffic
  • Decrease cost per hire
  • Unleash the recruiter in every employee
Performance & Growth
  • Milestones & Goals
  • Reviews
  • HR Conversations
  • Training
Workforce Playbooks
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Actionable Scorecards
  • Real-time Insights
  • Growth Indexes
Enterprise Customizations
  • API & App Embed
  • Custom SSO
  • Whitelabel
  • Data warehouse

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Turnkey integrations extend the platforms you already

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Build an employee experience people , while getting critical data You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Answer the toughest workforce questions:

  • Who's a flight risk?
  • Is my shift capacity growing or shrinking?
  • What is my turnover rate at 30, 60, 90 days?
  • Who's engaged and not engaged?
  • Who's satisfied and not satisfied?
  • Who wants more or fewer hours?
  • What managers have the healthiest teams?
  • What locations are the strongest and weakest?
  • Are my new hires engaged?

Built-in reports for Executives, Schedulers, Operations, & HR

Built-in reports for Executives, Schedulers, Operations, & HR

Easy to Onboard Large & Small Teams

Your onboarding culture coach will come alongside your team to rollout the platform, ensuring everyone is trained, teaching you how to optimize your workforce in 15-minutes per day, getting ahead of turnover before it happens.

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Increase Retention


Engaged employees on CoachUp Care turnover 400-600% less, increasing overall retention.

Increase eNPS


Increase eNPS within 6 months, building a happier team.

Increase Capacity


Increase capacity from employees you didn't know were seeking more hours.

Increase Revenue

Per office revenue increase for large home care company with 300+ locations













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Case Study

How a Large Home Care Company Leveraged CoachUp Care to Enhance Revenue and Relationships

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Duration on Platform

Drive results in 15-minutes per day

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The Employee Experience Makes Adoption Easy No field staff training required

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The investment in CoachUp Care is not just about the cost, but the immense value it brings to your organization. Our pricing structure is thoughtfully designed, starting with a low-cost monthly subscription fee that covers your first 150 employees. For larger organizations, a nominal per employee fee applies, ensuring scalability and affordability regardless of your organization's size.

The true essence of CoachUp Care lies in its return on investment. Our partners typically experience a return ranging from 10 to 50 times their investment, reflecting in significantly improved retention rates, increased revenue, and expanded capacity. In essence, the cost of CoachUp Care is a minimal line item in your budget, but its impact on your organization's success is profound. Think of it as a small investment for a monumental return, empowering your organization to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. If you’d like a copy of our rate card, please schedule a meeting or contact us.

Absolutely! CoachUp Care seamlessly integrates with the majority of EMR systems, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity of your existing workflows. What truly sets us apart is our client-focused technology team. With extensive experience in working alongside enterprises, our team excels at facilitating deep integrations. This expertise allows us to ensure that the rollout process, data synchronization, and the fostering of core behaviors are executed flawlessly, making your experience with CoachUp Care not just seamless, but also exceptionally productive.

Absolutely. You'll benefit from the personalized support of a dedicated Onboarding Manager who will work closely with your team. They'll provide comprehensive training on maximizing the benefits of CoachUp Care and ensure your employees are engaged from the start. You'll have access to a real, approachable, and eager-to-assist person at your service. For larger organizations, our rollout teams are also bolstered by executive-level workforce specialists and skilled technologists to ensure a seamless integration.

On a daily basis, it typically requires about 15 minutes to cultivate core behaviors—developing your virtual community, reviewing employee feedback and escalating issues, recording notes, and reviewing workforce scorecards. For the implementation phase, we advise allocating a few hours each week during the initial month to nurture your community and enhance performance effectively. You'll have access to our comprehensive playbook of best practices. Plus, we'll provide tailored guidance on optimizing your time, and our portal will offer recommendations on what to do and when for streamlined progress. Generally, someone designates a Community Builder to cultivate the community while leaders value the real-time analytics and reports to get ahead of potential issues before they become problematic.