Powerful Communication Tools To Engage & Recognize Your Team

Community Connect

Keep everyone in the loop with status updates and video messaging to create a virtual water cooler, allowing your team to get company updates, comment, and engage with peers.

Connect mobile

Keep Your Team Engaged And Updated Where-ever They Are

Create Status Updates And Company-wide Video Messages

Bring Your Business To Life With Building A Community

CoachUpCare Heart Bravo!Board

Create alignment and boost engagement with an easy-to-use recognition and rewards platform including leaderboards, gift card and custom reward fulfillment, and manager and peer kudos.

  • Recognize your team with "unicorn points" based on your company values
  • Set your own budgets and award allowances
  • Enable built-in gift card redemption
  • Setup your own custom rewards
  • Manage employee point balances
  • Create a fun leaderboard, inspiring your team to get recognized around what matters
  • Drive conversation by facilitating an environment of peers commenting and encouraging each other
Bravo board


Automate or send one-off e-greeting cards for anniversaries, birthdays, or a job well done.

  • Set cards to auto-recur, meaning your team is automatically recognized for every birthday and work anniversary
  • Send cards ondemand to recognize a job well done


Access a robust library of email templates, text templates, and downloads to help your administrative team spark employee conversations. Consider it your "what should I say" personal assistant.

Need some inspiration for your internal team to continuously recognize your team?

You'll love this:

  • Email Templates, built to inspire and drive thought
  • Texting Templates, built to offer a happy boost during the day
Say assistant